Internships - Finding an Internship in Japan has never been so easy !


Our variety of Japanese courses with a focus on conversational Japanese combined with cultural excursions and activities will ensure that you gain a deeper understanding of this exotic culture and its people.


We are your exclusive agent for Consulting, Coaching and Customized Support for anything related to work in Japan. From Internships to Full Time Positions at Japanese companies, we are your Gateway!


Explore the many fun facets of Japan through our wide range of cultural, social and leisure activities. We will make sure it never gets boring with us.


Either you are here temporarily or permanent, Meiji Academy is your Gateway into Japan by providing all types of additional services and support to put your mind at ease.


This can be your first footstep into finding a job in the Far East. Gain profound understanding of all the essentials of how business works in Japan! We do offer internships across all industry fields from Media / Marketing to IT / Business Consulting in most major cities in Japan.



International Share Houses, Student Dormitories, Shared Flats, Homestays, Single Apartments and of course fully furnished/equipped with all goods to move in right away! We will help you finding your new home in Japan. Just tell us what you are looking for.


Student Voices

Nolwen, 21years, France

Before I started my four weeks internship at a marketing company here in Fukuoka, Meiji Academy equipped me in their Business Course with all the basics of what to watch when working in a Japanese company. Professional teaching combined with small sized classes meant full attention on me.

Tobias, 23years, Germany

I was always fascinated about the ancient history and traditional arts of Japan. The cultural classes and social activities organized by Meiji Academy gave me the chance to experience the “real Japan” and immerse myself with the culture & people here.

Stephanie, 27years, France

While there were many other schools in larger cities such as Tokyo and Osaka, I was keen to experience the ‘real Japanese lifestyle’ by choosing a less known place for tourists. I was surprised what a large and vibrant city Fukuoka is.

Irina, 25years, Romania

I experienced Fukuoka as a very cosmopolitan, young and dynamic city with many international startup companies. It made it for me the best place to do my internship and also engage in further studies at a Japanese university.



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