Imagine you are in Japan right now, for a whole year! You can take your time to travel and explore every corner of Japan, while also studying Japanese anytime you want and at your own pace. Moreover, you can even find work in almost any sector to make sure you can fund your journey.


Arriving in Japan

Now you are in the Land of the Rising Sun and things here work very differently than in the rest of the world. Anything could be a challenge, from getting around in public transport to buying a mobile phone.

  • Opening a Bank Account
  • Getting a mobile number / data plan
  • Making your Inkan (name seal)
  • Finding Accommodation
  • Finding a Fun & Fulfilling Job
  • Public Transportation
  • New overwhelming Surroundings
  • Japanese Characters everywhere ! (“Kanji”)
  • Japanese Greetings/Phrases
  • Japanese Social Manners
  • Japanese Mindset
  • Special Food Customs
  • Different Body Language
  • Exploring hidden Spots
  • Making tons of new friends
  • And of course, keep smiling! 😀

And we know too well that when you try to sort out everything by yourself, the list keeps getting longer and there’s too many things to think about, that’s why we’re here to help !

Course Package

We created the customized “Work and Travel Course” for explorers just like you ! Our students also refer to it as the “Survival Package”, and the reason is very simple: we will guide you every step of the way !

Our core services include the following:

  • Free Airport Pick Up
  • Your first Yummy Bento (Lunch Box)
  • Insider City Tour
  • Finding your first Job in Japan
  • Survival Japanese Course (Ten Classes on Daily Life Topics)
  • Introducing you to a language exchange partner
  • Assisting with opening a Bank Account
  • Residence Registration at the City Hall
  • Ordering your personal Japanese Seal (Inkan)
  • Getting a mobile phone / data plan
  • Helping with any daily life queries
  • Free use of our facilities: Wi-Fi, Computers, Study Rooms, etc.
  • Use of Kitchen Facilities (Coffee & Tea is FREE)
  • Participate in our fun Events
  • Go on our Field trips

Optional Services & Charges

You can customize your package and add optional services we offer.

Japanese Language Courses ¥30,000/Week
Course Enrollment ¥20,000
Accommodation from ¥10,000/Week
Accommodation Placement Fee ¥9,600


You can find very detailed information regarding the Working Holiday Visa here, and you can also check out our FAQ for more answers.


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