We are happy to announce that we do offer now online video chat classes via Skype. You will have the great opportunity to have one-on-one classes with our qualified and highly experienced Japanese language teachers.Please download the Skype video chat software here.

When is the class?

The class will take place between 10:00~18:00 UTC+9 and can be booked up to a day before the initial class takes place, if time slots are available.

What is the procedure?

  • Fill out the application form and one of our staff will contact you soon.
  • We will schedule a first class with you.
  • Log in to Skype a few minutes before your class starts
  • At the time of the class our teacher will call you and start the class

What topics are covered?

There is no set learning topics, yet we can cover the same topics of Japanese studies at Meiji Academy as well as incorporate any additional study material or media you would like to work on with us. Your class is your private time with the teacher, hence feel free to ask us any questions regarding Japanese language studies or your homework you might have.

How much does it cost?

Type Cost Free class
New Student 3000 One Class*
Former Meiji Academy 2500 Two Classes

*Free trial classes are available, yet due to high demand limited to a set number of new students for certain time periods. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Class Cancellations & Technical Problems

  • Any booked class needs to be cancelled via email 24hours before it takes place. Otherwise the student will be charged the full amount of the class.
  • If there is a technical problem with the school’s devices or equipment and the call cannot be conducted, the student will receive a rescheduled class without any additional costs.
  • If the problem lies with the students internet access, Skype software or the problem is unclear, no additional class or extra time can be provided

Our staff will advise you to call the Skype help number to detect where the problem lies.