Use the calculator below to get a first estimate of how much your studies will cost. You can individually customize your program depending on your needs. Please note the initial fee for course application and learning materials of ¥20,000 is included in the final price and applies to any program chosen from the Study and/or Work section.


We can accept new students every Monday. Please note the initial fee for course application and learning materials of ¥20,000 is included in the final price.

Select Course Select Length
Standard Course
20 lesssons per week
¥30,000 JPY
Intensive Japanese
24 lesssons per week
¥40,000 JPY
Japanese Business
26 lesssons per week
¥40,000 JPY
Traditional Culture
26 lesssons per week
¥40,000 JPY
Pop Culture
26 lesssons per week
¥40,000 JPY
Total Weeks weeks
Cours Price

Add Extra Classes

You can add extra classes here. Type how many you want per week.

Private Japanese Lessons
¥4,600 JPY
per week
Kanji Classes
¥3,500 JPY
per week

* Please note that cultural activities/classes are booked directly at the school.


Start dates for Internships and Cultural Experience are usually on Mondays, yet can be adjusted depending on the student’s request if there is availability for certain dates.


Area    weeks

Cultural Experience
(Fukuoka only)
Work and Travel

Please note that Work and Travel’s flexible services it can take place at any given time during other chosen programs or courses.

Accommodation *

We provide accommodation at any given time and length. It can be organized separately from your studies with us. Please note that actual prices for some types of accommodation may vary due to availability and location.

Accommodations Fee 0 JPY
Subtotal 0 JPY

* All displayed accommodation prices are for Fukuoka. For revised Tokyo or Kansai accommodation prices, please send us this estimate by pushing the “Submit” button below.

* Accommodation Arrangement Fee is ¥9,600 JPY.
* All utility bills, Wi-Fi and furniture included. For Homestay or Flat Share One-Way Airport Pick-Up is required (Return Airport Pick-Up is optional).


* Extra discounts apply.

* Additional Discounts might apply.

Temporary Estimate

Study JPY
Work JPY
Accommodation JPY
Other JPY
Subtotal JPY
Discount JPY
Total JPY

* Additional large discounts up to 20% might apply. Submit this estimate with the information below to receive a formal quotation from us.

Total Cost:
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