Where is the School?

The school is located in central downtown “Tenjin” which is the main shopping district. We are less than five minutes by foot from “Tenjin Minami” Subway Station Exit No.6. There is also an abundance of nearby cafes, cheap restaurants and shopping places to spend your free time after class.

What languages does the staff speak?

At Meiji Academy we have staff that can speak English, German, French, Chinese, Korean and Croatian.


How many students will be in each class?

Classes won’t have more than six students, which will enable the teacher to focus more on each individual student.

What language will be used during class?

The main language of teaching will be Japanese, yet our teachers understand English. Meiji Academy teachers are very experienced using many methods such as drawings and role-plays to insure that even complete beginners will be able to learn Japanese smoothly.

How long is a lesson?

A lesson is 50 minutes long.

When do classes start and end?

Please refer to this sample schedule. Besides we are very flexible providing additional and adjusted schedules for students in need.


Can I study at Meiji Academy for even just one week?

Of course you can! Our school is famous for being flexible and open to your needs.

I am a complete beginner and have never studied Japanese before, is it a problem?

No, not at all! We are experienced with students, who have never been to Japan before and we will make sure to prepare you with all the basics for being able to make simple conversations in Japanese until the end of your stay.

I would like to take the pop culture classes as well as the traditional classes. Is there a way to combine courses?

Yes, and you are free to choose additional classes as electives to your chosen course. We are able to arrange customized schedules, if your classes do not overlap with others.

Is it possible to start another day than Monday?

Generally all our courses start on Mondays, yet we might be able to accustom your wishes. Please consult with us directly.

Is there a ceremony when my course finishes?

Yes, every student who had studied with us for at least one week will receive an official graduation diploma in our ceremony.

Is there a limit for the courses, such as Pop Culture?

All our courses cover an abundance of different activities and classes, which also change during seasons and festivals, so don’t worry you won’t get bored.


What are the requirements for an internship?

You have to be at least 18 years old and studied at least one week Business Japanese with up prior to the start of your internship. In some special occasions, for returning interns or experienced applicants this can be suspended.

Is there a minimum level of Japanese language required?

A few internships do not require any level of Japanese language skills. However, most industry fields and companies only accept students, who have reached a certain level of Japanese to be able to communicate with your future coworkers.

What type of internships do you offer?

We offer internships across all industries from teaching English in high schools to programming in an IT company. Everything depends on the applicant’s Japanese level, professional skills and availability at the time of application.

What documents are necessary?

The minimum amounts of documents you need to provide are:
・ Application Form
・ Resume Cover Letter
・ Photocopy of your passport
・ Business Photo for your application
※ Please note that for some industry fields, you might have to provide additional documents, e.g. Recommendation Letter, JLPT certificate, portfolio (only for marketing/design placements)

Do I need a Visa for an internship?

Depending on your citizenship visa requirements can vastly differ. Please refer to our visa section or contact us directly.

Are the Internships paid?

We guarantee you an unpaid internship. However, your host company might be able to provide you additional services free of charge, e.g. transportation costs, free meals, etc. All of these additional services are between you and your host company. Meiji Academy has no control, responsibility, nor has any influence on the host company’s decision process.

Is there a chance that my internship company will hire me full time?

We had cases in the past, where host companies hired interns as full time staff after they finished their internship or returned after graduation back to Japan. Though we cannot guarantee this scenario as it depends on the host company and yourself, we know for sure that an internship will be your first footstep into the Japanese job market and can help immensely when applying for a job in Japan in future.

How does the whole process of the internship works, from start to end?

Please refer to our Internship page for detailed information about the process flow from application to graduation.

How can I pay you and when?

You can pay us either by Paypal or international bank transfer. The payment needs to be settled before you come to Japan and either your course or internship starts.

What if you cannot get me an internship I want?

To avoid this situation, we will make sure to have with you proper consultations via Skype to find out more about yourself and your interests. We are eager finding you the most suitable internship and would suggest to you to give us an exact idea of what you want to learn and do during your internship. Nevertheless, due to limitations based on the applicant’s language and technical skills as well as unforeseen circumstances that are beyond our control, internship placements can change or be postponed. However, we won’t give up on you and make sure to secure you a great internship in Japan that will be fruitful for your professional career in future.

Last but not least, why do I have to pay for an internship?

You are not paying for doing an internship.
You are paying us as your exclusive agent organizing all the additional services; consulting you for your job application, preparing you for the company interview, learning in our classes and from professional career advisors how to communicate through role-plays, having access to all our school facilities and social activities/parties and most important-us being your agent assures that you can count us, if necessary.