Osaka – Japan’s Kitchen

Japan’s second largest city is also known as a culinary center with many special delights such as Okonomiyaki (a savoury pancakes) or Takoyaki (wheat flour based octopus balls). Their citizens are well known for being warm-hearted comedians with a lively temperament and a passion for business. The city is also an insider tip for many party travellers, who like to indulge in the vibrant nightlife. Visiting the historical Osaka castle, exploring the small shopping streets in Namba Downtown or making new friends in the party area of Amemura (“American Village”) are just a few options of many to choose from.

Kyoto – Japan’s ancient Capital

Been known as the former capital for almost a millennium, Kyoto accommodates much of Japan’s traditional crafts, culture and is the original home of the Geisha art. Situated in a valley, surrounded by beautiful mountains, rivers and forests, Kyoto has one of Japan’s most beautiful temples and shrines, such as the Kiyomizu Temple or the Golden Pavillon. How about learning of the century old history of Japan, visiting generation old craftsman shops or participating in the big Gion Festival while dressing in a Kimono or Yukata.

Kobe – More than “Kobe Beef”

Even before the international Wagyū Hype (Japan’s High Quality Beef), Kobe a was well known city for it’s culinary variety and being one of the major international port cities in Japan. It has an ancient Chinatown and was one of the main areas, where many Western merchants were living. You will still be able to visit and explore 19th century Western houses from famous Western merchants and politicians. The night skyline of the Kobe Port is another eye-catching attraction. Beautiful illumination of the famous Port tower and Harborland’s Kobe Mosaic, while taking a ferry ride to the nearby islets make it always a great trip.


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