Originally held to fight evil spirits and demons, fireworks or in Japanese known as Hanabi (花火) have a long history in Japan.
During the whole summer months (June up to September) hundreds of beautifully arranged fireworks can be seen all over the country.
Fireworks can be seen in many different varieties and colors, while some of them also form unique shapes like hearts, Japanese kanji, or cartoon characters, they often end with a huge finale with hundreds of shells launched at the same time.

Japan has even set a new record for the heaviest firework in the world! In Japan’s Saitama Prefecture a rocket was launched as part of a festival and exploded into a rosette of light measuring 800m in diameter. Along with fireworks, you can experience some impressive sound effects, see people wearing traditional Yukata, and enjoy delicious Japanese food and drinks at one of the many food stalls.

Since Hanabi is a very popular attraction, it can get really crowded. In order to have a great view of the spectacle and not getting lost, we highly recommend to get there quite early to acquire a convenient spot. Most of the firework venues do not offer special parking lots for cars, so going to the nearest station by public transportation is the most convenient option.

Different from western countries, fireworks are not common at New Years Eve, and small hand fireworks “Temochi Hanabi” (手持ち花火) are sold in stores during the whole summer. So apart from the big Hanabi events, it is a great occasion to grab some friends and drinks, and celebrate your own little Hanabi party.

You can find a list of this year’s Hanabi events in Fukuoka Area here:

7/20 (Thu.): 5th Itoshima Seaside Festival Keya Fireworks
7/26 (Wed.): Hanabi Fantasia Fukuoka
8/1 (Tue.): 55th Nishinihon Ohori Fireworks Festival
8/5 (Sat.): 358th Chikugo-gawa Fireworks Festival
8/6 (Sun.): Wasshoi Hyakuman Natsumatsuri
8/11 (Fri.): Yume Hanabi 2017
8/13 (Sun.): 30th Kanmon Kaikyo Fireworks
8/27 (Sun.): 19th Ariakekai Fireworks Festival
9/10 (Sun.): 27th Fukuoka Higashi-ku Fireworks
9/16 (Sat.): 3rd Yame Festival “Light and Music Fireworks Festival”

If you missed the main event of the Keya Fireworks no need to worry. Smaller fireworks are held almost every Saturday until the end of September!