In Japan the rainy season still continues, yet it is getting hotter and hotter. This is the best time of the year for some chilling Kakigōri(かき氷). Kakigōri is shaved ice flavored with different syrup tastes and condensed milk. The most common syrup flavors are strawberry, cherry, green tea, melon, lemon and Blue Hawaii.

Additionally Japanese rice cakes ‘Shiratama’(白玉), brown sugar flavored jelly ‘Kanten’(寒天)or sweetened red beans ‘Azuki’(小豆)are sometimes added. This is typical for the green tea version of Kakigōri, which has a higher concentration of green tea flavor known as ‘Maccha’ (抹茶).The most traditional way of making Kakigōri is using hand cranked machine produce the powder-shaved ice. On local festivals it can be often seen how specialized vendor stalls are producing freshly shaved ice in front of the customers.

These days you can find a lot of individually produced Kakigōri here in Fukuoka depending on the shops they are sold with fresh fruits and even ice cream as toppings. This is also a way for many shops to give their own design signature to their creations. We recommend you join us on one of our city tours to provide you with more insider information. As always make sure to stay cool during this summer season!