At Meiji Academy we encourage our students to actively speak Japanese all the time by applying real life scenarios and role-plays combined. Not just during class, but also while you are engaging in our fun activities, cultural excursions and short trips: Japanese will always be around! There is no fun in just repeating the teacher’s words. We want you to ask questions such as ‘What do I say in this situation?’ ‘How shall I behave?’ Our goal is to improve your Japanese as well as your cultural understanding, while making your stay an unforgettable experience.

Course Contrens Number of Classes
Standard Course Japanese Activity 20 Japanese Classes
Intensive Course Japanese Activity Private Class 20 Japanese Classes
4 Private Classes
Japanese Business Japanese Activity Business 20 Japanese Classes
6 Business Classes
Traditional Culture Japanese Activity Old Culture 20 Japanese Classes
6 Cultural Classes
Pop Culture Japanese Activity New Culture 20 Japanese Classes
6 Modern Culture Classes

Japanese Kanji


Japanese Kanji is essential to the Japanese language and it helps you a lot understanding the mindset and also increases your progress in learning Japanese quickly, written as well as spoken. However once you understand how to master learning Kanjis it becomes a lot of fun!

Learn some Kanjis !